From Jhansi ki Rani to Kalpna Chawala, India women have always been the epitome of strength, beauty, and intelligence. Their dedication and commitment towards the goal have inspired generations.  Though, we really don’t know the saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” is a myth or truth but we have twisted it a bit “Behind every Indian successful space mission, there are dedicated women scientists.”

Yes, behind every successful mission of ISRO, there are many women scientists working dedicatedly day and night! On this Woman’s Day, we would like to salute and thanks all of them for working so hard and making us all proud.

Here are some women who are the power house of the ISRO:

  1. Anuradha TK –

As a Geosat Programme Director, Anuradha TK is the senior-most woman officer at ISRO. She has been working for the organization since 1982. She first thought about becoming a space scientist at the age of 9. Heading the key area of geo-synchronous satellites, she is an inspiration for everyone.

_92899007_bbc-isro-26  Imagecredits: BBC

2. N Valarmathi

N Valamathi is working with ISRO for past 32 years and is the first women to head a mission that involves a remote sensing satellite. She led the launch of India’s first indigenously developed the radar imaging satellite, the RISAT-1. She is also the second woman after T K Anuradha to head a satellite mission at ISRO.  N Valarmathi was the first person to receive Abdul Kalam Award in 2015.


3.Moumita Dutta –

She leads the indigenous progress in optical sciences as a part of ‘Make in India’ initiative and previously was a project manager in the team which worked on the Mars Orbiter Mission.

VOGUE_moumitadatta     Imagecredits: Vouge

4.Ritu Karidhal

An avid sky watcher and the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission Ritu Karidhal works on most weekends, brainstorming ideas, and concepts with her teammates.

Ritu Karidhal - DNA IndiaImagecredits: DNA India

5.Nandini Harinath –

Her first job was at ISRO and 20 years later there is no looking back, today she is the Deputy Director. Over the years Nandini Harinath has worked extremely hard, even did not visited home before the launch of significant mission.

ROCKET-WOMEN_nandiniImagecredits: ROCKET-WOMEN

6.Minal Sampath

 During the Mars Orbital Mission, she worked vigorously for 18 hours every day. She even bid goodbye to weekends and national holidays before the Mangalyan Mission. She also led a team of 500 scientists as a system engineer at ISRO.

Credits toANIRUDDHAFRIEND_ Minal SampathImage credits:ANIRUDDHAFRIEND

7. Kriti Faujdar

Kriti Faujdar as a computer scientist works at the Master Control Facility and is the part of the team which continuously monitors the missions and satellites. She is also responsible for making corrections when something goes wrong.


     8  Tessy Thomas –

      She is also known as the missile woman of India and has lead very important missions like the Agni IV    and Agni V. Technically, Tessy Thomas technically works for DRDO and not ISRO, but she deserves a praise for her significant contribution to the space missions, that is why she is called as called ‘Agniputri’.

Viral Indian Diary_Tessy-ThomasImage Credits: Viral Indian Diary

Though all 7 heads of ISRO are men but more than 16,000 women are working for ISRO and the number is increasing every day. We salute and thank each one of them for their contribution.

For these women, even sky is not a limit!


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