As recently, NASA and ISRO have joined hands for the biggest collaboration project between them. Here are few things you should know about this project.

  1. The full form of NISAR  is NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar mission


  1. NISAR will be a dual frequency (L & S Band) Radar Imaging Satellite.

150603_NISARImage source: NASA

  1. This synthetic aperture radar satellite will be around 2,600 kg.
  1. The satellite will observe and measure changes in the earth’s surface, ice sheet collapses and natural calamities.

7037173-earth-surface-from-spaceImage source:

  1. ISRO will be responsible for design and development of S-band SAR, Spacecraft Bus, data transmission system, spacecraft integration and testing, launch using heavy rocket geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle (GSLV) and on-orbit operations.


indian_space_research_organisation_logo-svgImage Source: ISRO

  1. The NASA laboratory will be responsible for design and development of L-band SAR, 12m unfurlable antenna and its deployment elements, global positioning system (GPS) and data recorder.

download     Image source: NASA

  1. The data gathered from this mission will help build climate resilience and potentially save lives.
  1. This satellite will also be useful for different kinds of applications, which include natural resources mapping & monitoring; estimating agricultural biomass over full duration of crop cycle; assessing soil moisture; monitoring of floods and oil slicks; coastal erosion, coastline changes and variation of winds in coastal waters; assessment of mangroves; surface deformation studies and others.

nisar_nasa_isroImage Source:

  1. The satellite will be able to measure earth crust movement minutely, up to millimeters.

whatisthetemImage source:

  1. ISRO and JPL/ NASA are working towards the launching of this mission by 2021 and both agencies have obtained necessary approvals from respective governments.

ISRO_NASAImage Source: Google

We congratulate and wish both agencies all the best for this upcoming mission.


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