Earlier, where ISRO use to carry out 2-3 satellites per year, which was then increased to 4-5 launches. And in the last few years ISRO has been doing around seven launches. Now ISRO aims to launch 12 satellites per year, here’s the sneak peek into scaling up of the frequency of launches.

ISRO is trying to increase its capacity to deliver more frequent launches by building more satellites, but at the same time reducing the cost of access to space and launching heavier satellites.


To improve the turnaround time, ISRO is in the process of constructing a second vehicle assembly building and through put for the PSLV. So, it can do more launches from the same launch pad.

The space station also plans to undertake the Chandrayaan-2 mission in the first quarter of the next calendar year, i.e. 2017

chandrayaan 2.jpg

ISRO has already started working on this launch, all the variable thrust engines, lander, rover, and other developments required are getting ready.

ISRO is also working on the possibilities of launching , Venus mission or Asteroids mission. The study teams are researching, after that at some point of time the missions will be finalized and the work and approval process will start.  

another Mars mission.jpg

For reusable launch vehicle, ISRO has identified its next steps in terms of air-breathing propulsion system.

The space agency is working towards reusable launch vehicle. Landing gear system to that and conducting some experiments is the next step and beyond that ISRO is also looking forward to scaling up the model and do the next set of activities.


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