ISRO is all set to achieve it’s another success milestone by launching India’s first launch vehicle that can put humans in space. Yes, the space center yet again will make all of us proud by preparing India’s fully indigenous cryogenic engine. Here’re some facts you should know about this project.

GSLV Mark III is the third-generation geostationary launch vehicle that could put humans in space. This will be India’s first launch vehicle that will carry humans to space.


Isro started developing this rocket a decade and a half ago.

Recently, ISRO launched a communication satellite GSAT-9 using its heavy rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F09)

The GSLV Mark III is a complex vehicle and some of its critical technologies had to be developed from scratch. New ideas are used in its design, manufacturing. This would be the first flight of GSLV III using India’s fully-indigenous cryogenic engine. Well, we know that people at ISRO can make anything possible and can face any hurdles and glitches!


This vehicle will take its first full flight by end of May with a 3.2-tonne satellite, the GSAT-19. GSLV Mark III is designed to take a payload of four tonnes, but it would still not be enough for some of Isro’s future requirements.

GSLV Mark III can be developed more later to carry more than six tonnes of payload into a geostationary orbit, by replacing the core liquid stage with a semi-cryogenic engine. This engine is under development, and might take three to four years more. After its development, ISRO will be able to put six to seven tonne-class of satellites into a geostationary orbit.


The new high altitude test facilities had to be installed at Mahendragiri near Thiruvananthapuram by ISRO, where the full engine was tested in April and again June 2015, much beyond the duration of its working during a real flight.
Kudos to all the team members for developing GSLV Mark-III which will make us proud again. ISRO never fails to showcase high degree of excellence and this launch is the biggest challenge of the month. We wish everyone at ISRO all the very best for the launch.

Click here to watch video and get to know some facts about ISRO

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