The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has recently launched a solar calculator app that effectively calculates benefits of installing solar panels at different locations in India.


The Space Application Center facility (SAC) of ISRO situated in Ahemdabad had created this app at the behest of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. This app is right now not available on play store but can be downloaded from VEDAS website.


Various options are present on the menu on this app which are easy to understand and are self-explanatory.  One can acquire various information by just entering the location on the map. Once the location is chosen, various information about the area like minimum and maximum temperatures, day length, and sun path can be acquired from the Solar Calculator tab. The data on the app is present in three forms: maps, tables and graphs.


The monthly or yearly solar potential and minimum or maximum temperature at any location in India can be viewed on this app.

For the assistance of the users, the app also showcases the location on the satellite image and gives azimuth (the direction of a celestial object from the observer) or elevation angles, and also day length over various time periods in a year. The app also picks the required location using a GPS.

Once the app sources data from satellites like , INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR, the calculation of the potential of solar energy is presented.

Kalpana satelite.jpg

The app provides solar energy potential (kWh/m2 ) at any given location too. It also calculates obstruction of sunlight due to terrain using DEM, suggests optimum tilt angle for Solar PV installation and complete report can be saved as a PDF file.


This app will be very beneficial for the people who are looking forward to install solar panels on their properties or trying to understand the benefits of solar panels. Thus, it will surely provide the boost to India’s solar industry.

This is indeed a productive step that ISRO has taken as solar energy is genesis for all forms of energy.  This app will surely help people to understand the benefit of solar energy and calculate solar potential of their area. We hope that ISRO will soon make this app available on play store too.

Visit here for Vedas

Watch this video and know more about ISRO

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